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An artist called Matthew Burrows came up with this genius idea for instagram. This was his way of helping artists during a time when galleries have closed and shows have been cancelled. The idea is a simple one, artist use … Continued

How to paint a Turquoise Wave

“Turquoise Wave II” is inspired by the Jurassic coastline of Devon. It shows a large wave cresting, lit by the sun turning the waves turquoise and emerald green. The time of day is key here. It is midday, the strong sunlight is reflecting off the sea turning it white. The highlights become a mixture of emeralds and blues contrasting with the deep blue of the sea.

‘Arts teaching could become more important than maths in tech-based future’ – education expert

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The arts could become more important for young people than maths in the future, according to a leading education expert. Researcher Andreas Schleicher, who leads the Programme for International Student Assessment at the intergovernmental economic organisation OECD, told a House … Continued

Which social media sites should artist be on?

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“Social media is vital for many artists. Leading pros reveal the places they’re sharing work, networking and find new clients in 2019.” There is a really interesting article I’ve just read on creativebloq about which social media sites artist should … Continued

What does it mean to commission an artist?

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Commissioning art is a unique and great way of purchasing and personalising art. The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork.

Ambassador Artist for the English Riviera UNESCO Geopark

I have recently been selected to become an ambassador artist for the English Riviera UNESCO global geopark. Alongside 10 other artist of different disciplines. The Aims of a Geopark Ambassador Artist is… Promote, support, facilitate, encourage and enable local organisations, … Continued

How local art can enhance your home

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7 Reasons:- An original piece of art allows the viewer to feel the time, effort, and skill that went into its creation. With a local piece of art the opportunity to meet the artist in person is much more likely. … Continued