Turquoise Seascape painting 5 stage process

I am working on a new turquoise seascape and I thought it might be interesting to show the various stages of this oil painting. I like the beach feeling of this image and the way it reminds me of Mediterranean holidays taken in the past.

turquoise seascape oil on canvas
Stage 1

I am blocking out the main colours and trying to resolve the composition. Also keeping in mind the tonal qualities. I have struggled with tonal qualities in the past, either making the contrast too much or not enough to create the 3D quality needed.

Turquoise seascape beach scene
Stage 2

Looking to add layers of paint to enhance the quality of colour and define the tones. Glazing using Liquin and oil paint. Still trying to keep the tonal qualities right, whilst defining the waves and surf more.

Turquoise seascape beach scene Stage 3
Stage 3

Adding more glazes to further enhance the depth of colour and the contrasting tones. The sea has become darker and changed in colour with more surface definition.

Turquoise Seascape beach scene stage 4
Stage 4

The top of the second wave has been reduced. This gives more depth to the painting. It also leads the eye through to the background. More glaze have been applied. In order to deepen the shadows. Highlights have been added to the surf. The painting needs to dry further before applying the final finishes.

Oil painting of a turquoise seascape with waves crashing onto a sandy beach
Stage 5

This is the final stage of the painting. I have deepened the shadows and given more bulk to the surf and the highlights. I have also added more definition to the background. The painting is finished and available to buy at £395 with free postage in the U.K. It measures 70 x 100cm is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please follow the link for more details. https://catherinekennedy.co.uk/product/turquoise-seascape/

The canvas I have used measures 100 x 70 cm. Liquin which is a quick-drying medium for oil and alkyd paint. Various oil paints including yellow ochre, naples yellow, zinc and titanium white, phthalo blue and green, french ultra marine, viridian green, coeruleum, burnt umber, burnt sienna and paynes grey.

For more examples of my seascape paintings please click here https://catherinekennedy.co.uk/product-category/oil-paintings/

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