New wave painting from start to finish

Abstract Blue Wave painting available as a giclee print in 3 sizes
Stage one. Thick paint is applied leaving the palette knife marks visible. This is an abstract wave painting so the definition is left loose. Available as a giclee print in 3 sizes from this website.
New wave painting oil on canvas measuring 80 x 80 cm or 31.5 x 31.5 inches. Stage 2
Stage 2 of the new wave painting lines are smoothed out

Having decided to take photos from start to finish of my new wave painting. The first image is stage 1 and the other is the second stage. At this point I find it helpful to look at the progress of the work and decide where I can make alterations. Some of the parts of the canvas to me looked better in stage 1 than they do now. This can alter the way I proceed to stage 3.

I find even if you preferred the way the painting started initially to now you have to keep going. At times it can be frustrating but hopefully the painting will resolve itself.  It is important to take photos throughout as this helps you see your progress from a different perspective. Photos can highlight areas obviously in need of more thought.

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