“Into the blue” a work in progress

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“Into the blue”

Just started on a new work today with a preliminary title of  “Into the blue”.

I have been looking at the work of Maggi Hambling and her attitude to the sea with its ‘walls of water’. Her use of oil paints and the free reign it gives her is really inspiring. She says “oil paint has a great life force of its own”.

The range of blues and turquoise from photographs of giant waves in the South Pacific has also inspired me.

However a winter sea with its pale green, white and grey can be equally interesting to try and capture.

One of the reasons that I keep returning to the subject of giant waves and their power might have to do with the fact that I was knocked over by a large wave as a young child and hurled into the sand with some force. I clearly remember the mouthful of sand which resulted.

I will add to this post as I progress.

Worked some more on this today. Trying to get the crest right.

“Into the blue, aqua version” Oil on canvas


framed oil on canvas 21 x 31 inches
Finished this painting and it is now available for sale “Into the blue II, turquoise version” Framed oil on canvas 21 x 31 inches  price £330 Please click here for details

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  1. Jonathan Edgoose

    Message to Catherine Kennedy

    Hi I was wondering if into the blue was for sale. Also what size is the painting.

    • TerraFirma

      Dear Johnathan
      Thank you for your enquiry and many appologies for not replying sooner. “Into the Blue” is for sale. It measures 51 x 76 cm or 20 x 30 inches and is an oil on canvas, framed, signed and comes with certificate of authenticity. It is priced at £250. However the image on the blog is different from how the painting eventually turned out as I have darkened the sky. I will email you an image separately.
      Kind regards
      Catherine Kennedy

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